Jack The Ripper: The First Serial Killer

Using modern criminology, psychological study, and facial reconstruction, a Scotland Yard detective may have uncovered the truth about Jack The Ripper, the first modern serial killer.

Munich: The Real Assassins

For the first time ever, actual Mossad assassins reveal the truth about their sinister role in the revenge operation against Black September.

Superspy - The Man Who Betrayed The West

The incredible true story of a high-ranking intelligence officer, Robert Hanssen, who betrayed US secrets to foreign powers, and the young FBI agent tasked with capturing him.

The Assassination of King Tut

Former FBI detectives use modern investigative techniques to identify the real cause of Tutankhamun death- was it natural causes or was it murder?

The Mysterious Death Of Cleopatra

Shedding light on an ancient legend, a special investigation uses recent discoveries to reveal that Cleopatra’s death may not in fact have been suicide.

The Real Untouchables

This three part series recounts the extraordinary story of law enforcement during the prohibition era and its legacy.

Unearthing Ancient Secrets

Using the latest advances in archaeology, criminology and forensics, experts provide fascinating insights into moments in history and re-investigate the mysteries of the past.

When Rome Ruled

Using the latest evidence, this eight-part series provides a fresh take on the most iconic names and places of ancient Rome, revealing new insights into this forgotten world.

Who Killed Alexander the Great?

Top detectives unravel one of the strangest mysteries of ancient times, the suspicious death of history’s most extraordinary leader, Alexander the Great.

Who Killed Julius Caesar?

Top investigators uncover what really lay behind ancient history’s most famous crime- the assassination of Julius Caesar.