Egypt Unwrapped

Eight icons of Egypt rediscovered: using the latest archaeology and science, and new research, a team of experts unravels Egypt’s greatest mysteries for a major new eight-part documentary series.

Egypt's Animal Mummies

Using modern science an international team reveals how and why the Ancient Egyptians preserved their animals just like their kings.

Engineering The Impossible

One of the world’s leading engineers investigates the greatest buildings of history to reveal the mysteries behind some of the most innovative engineering feats of the ancient world.

Hannibal: Enemy of Rome

Uncovering the true story of how one man led a formidable elephant army across the Alps against the might of the Roman Empire.

Herod: Behind The Myth

King Herod The Great was renowned as being an oppressive dictator, but now a team of international experts reveal another side of King Herod The Great; one that questions our understanding of this famous figure.

Queen of Sheba : Behind The Myth

Experts unravel a myth lost in the sands of time- the great untold story of the bewitching Queen of Sheba.

Seven Wonders

This three-part series uncovers the mysteries surrounding the seven most iconic structures of the ancient empires: Egypt, Greece and Rome, and reveals the intriguing characters behind their construction.

Spartacus: Behind the Myth

Investigative history reveals the truth about how one man led a band of slaves to the brink of toppling Rome.

Spartans: At the Gates of Fire

Discover the truth behind the legendary battle of the Spartans against the Persians- a moment that shaped the course of history.

Sphinx Unmasked

A leading Egyptologist cracks the 4500-year-old mystery of who built the greatest monument in the ancient world and reveals the inspiration behind the enigmatic face of the Sphinx.

The Assassination of King Tut

Former FBI detectives use modern investigative techniques to identify the real cause of Tutankhamun death- was it natural causes or was it murder?

The Mysterious Death Of Cleopatra

Shedding light on an ancient legend, a special investigation uses recent discoveries to reveal that Cleopatra’s death may not in fact have been suicide.

The Real Jason And The Argonauts

Long shrouded in legend, this documentary examines recent archaeological evidence suggesting that the story of Jason and the Argonauts may be more fact than fiction.

Time Scanners

Using state of the art laser scanning technology, this six-part series uncovers the engineering mysteries of iconic structures from around the world.

Tomb Builders: Secrets Of The Valley Of The Kings

Shedding new light on a 3,000 year old mystery of the Valley of the Kings, this documentary gives a breathtaking insight into the masterbuilders of the ancient world.

True Gladiator

Using evidence from recent archaeological digs and dramatic reconstructions, scientists explore the real lives of the legendary Roman gladiators.

Tutankhamun: Secrets Of The Boy King

New research uncovers the real Tutankhamun, calling into question long-held theories about his life and death.

Unearthing Ancient Secrets

Using the latest advances in archaeology, criminology and forensics, experts provide fascinating insights into moments in history and re-investigate the mysteries of the past.

When Rome Ruled

Using the latest evidence, this eight-part series provides a fresh take on the most iconic names and places of ancient Rome, revealing new insights into this forgotten world.

Who Killed Alexander the Great?

Top detectives unravel one of the strangest mysteries of ancient times, the suspicious death of history’s most extraordinary leader, Alexander the Great.

Who Killed Julius Caesar?

Top investigators uncover what really lay behind ancient history’s most famous crime- the assassination of Julius Caesar.