Seven Wonders

This three-part series uncovers the mysteries surrounding the seven most iconic structures of the ancient empires: Egypt, Greece and Rome, and reveals the intriguing characters behind their construction.


Egypt, Greece, and Rome- these empires were the pioneers of the ancient world, building with ingenious methods some of the world’s most famous structures.

These civilisations each pioneered their own engineering marvels, providing the foundations for modern architecture and crafting monuments that are still admired to this day. Using the latest technology and the knowledge of world leading experts, this series recreates the seven most iconic structures in each of these empires, unearthing their secrets and revealing the people behind the construction of these wonders of the ancient world.

Episode titles: Seven Wonders of Ancient Egypt, Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece, and Seven Wonders of Ancient Rome.


3 x 50 mins


Ancient Worlds, Science, Series


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