Mystery of the Self-made Mummy

aka Mystery of the Tibetan Mummy

A team of scientists investigate the incredible story of the Tibetan man who appears to have mummified himself.


In a lost corner of Tibet, a team of scientists have uncovered a centuries old body...perfectly intact. But it wasn't embalmed like the Egyptian pharaohs. Nor was it preserved in a glacier like the ice mummies of the Alps and Andes. So, how is it this body never decayed? Their astonishing conclusion- this man actually mummified himself…

How is it possible? To unravel this mystery, Discovery scientists will journey around the world- from London to the depths of the Himalayas, from India to north-west Japan- investigating for the first time the clues into his death. Leading the expedition is Dr. Victor Mair, a world-renowned Asian scholar. He has recruited Margaret Cox, one of the foremost authorities on ‘human remains’ and Bruno Tonello, a forensic radiographer. Their goal: to try to figure out how and why this mummy was preserved, how he died, and exactly why he has survived centuries when every other body has decayed.


1 x 50 mins


Religion, History / Current Affairs, Science, Special


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